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kiss the world with fingers crossed ♫

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@autumn_reeserAll right, OC fans, here ya go… Backstage at @ThrillingAdv in Brooklyn :) #nyc @ben_mckenzie #TAH #theOC

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"i was the girl on yearbook, charity league, social chair… whatever my mom told me to do. i got straight a’s: sometimes a b in math, but my dad was a whiz, so he’d help me. and then on the weekends, i rode my little sister’s pony for fun. i even won some blue ribbons."

"and then what happened?"

"well, my dad lost all his money, the pony lost all its hair, and my mom? kind of lost her mind. also, i got kicked out of school and my friend died. i guess everything happened. and then at some point, i just stopped being the girl who belonged at college. or anywhere, for that matter.”

"everyone belongs somewhere."

"maybe not everyone. maybe some people just get lost.”

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Love this girl, such a pleasure to work w/ her again!! A mini #OC reunion on the finale ep of @CWHartofDixie… (x)

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marissa cooper + season two
i know what it’s like to have someone who believes in you when no one else does.

"Hey, so, I was thinking…"
“I was thinking too. You know they don’t even have a water polo team here. That’s just gonna be a problem for me.”

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You’re my best friend forever, okay?

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