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marissa cooper + season two
i know what it’s like to have someone who believes in you when no one else does.

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"Hey, so, I was thinking…"
“I was thinking too. You know they don’t even have a water polo team here. That’s just gonna be a problem for me.”

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You’re my best friend forever, okay?

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favorite character meme ✭ marissa cooper
i’m just not ready to give up on the sound of music thing… not yet.

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get to know me meme: [1/10] friendships → seth & ryan

"It’s a good story, Ryan. It’s the tale of two young men who couldn’t be more different but they learn to overcome their differences. They team up and essentially become brothers, not unlike you and me."

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Everything we do this year is for the last time. It’s like a farewell tour.

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